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Highlights from recent work. For a full portfolio, feel free to browse my Muck Rack.

People Think Gen Z Is Sex Negative, But The Truth Is More Complicated

The Power Lacks the Bite of the Book
Brooke Shields S
hares Her Story In a New Unsatisfying Documentary

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.A Coming-of-Age Movie That Doesn't Sexualize Preteen Girls

M3GAN is an Instant Cult Classic

Cultural Criticism
On Nepo Babies
The Mindy Kaling Backlash Has Lost All Nuance
On Everything Everywhere All at Once at the Oscars

On Jerrod Carmichael at the Golden Globes


the fixate houses Songs from College, a series of music essays recounting my most-loved, most-looped tracks of the last five years; Why Did You Do This?, a column about famous people's bullshit media projects; and old/new/offline, a monthly(ish) recommendation roundup of 3 old, 3 new, and 3 offline experiences of art & culture.


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The Lightning Rod (or, The Celebrity) – Roanoke Review, 2023

Arirang – Leland Quarterly, Vol. 15, Issue 3
Running Makes Me a Better Writer – BuzzFeed News, January 2023
Roma – nurture literary, nominated for Best of the Net 2022
Little Green – Barzakh Magazine, Issue 14
Moving on by living off (two lines from Elliott Smith's "LA") – Dead Skunk Mag, Issue 2
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